ZIGMA ENTERPRISE LTD is committed to provide quality building services that fully conform to client’s requirement and therefore put in place quality management procedures that conform to recognized procedure. All the services provided by the company incorporate quality assurance procedures which are designed to provide a systematic, planed and cost-effective approach to the company activity. To archive this we shall undertake the following measure

Maintained adequately trained and experienced staff on site or where work is being done performed to perform quality control assignments and responsibilities proficiently.

- Where required we shall also employ the services of independent entity such us private laboratories to provide quality control services. Services to be sort shall include sample taking, testing, analysis and reporting. This will also involve inspection of works for quality control.

- Prior to start each unit of work subject to quality control manager inspection and testing, we shall review related contract documentation requirement. Like specifications and ensure that preliminary activities have been completed, including submittals/approval and procedure procurement material/equipment/services required for the work, installation personnel and equipment are available on site, inspection and test equipment and agency are on hand.

- As applicable in each instance of required contract quality control service, we will provide testing as specified or otherwise required to ensure accurate determination of quality compliance with requirement of the contract document. Comply with recognized standard for testing industry. Use recognized testing laboratory services or established equivalent testing laboratory services at the project.

We will provide written reports and inspections, which may be include the following.

   -  Project title / number

   -  Test title / source and sequence number

   -  Date and location of sample and date test.

   -   Name of testing laboratory

   -  Test agency / individual comments and professional opinions concerning whether the work place complies with the requirement.

- Maintain a complete log or record for quality control actions, which will be available for examination any time.

- After completion of each unit the quality control anger will carry out further inspection and develop a defect list of deficiencies to be corrected on non-complying issues.

Where retesting or making good defects has been recommended we will immediately upon receipt of information, proceed with the recommendations to ensure the desired quality is maintained.

- We will continuously protect completed work thought the remainder of the construction time and monitor protective measures in relation to construction actives.

- We will require recognized certifications, inspection certificates, compliance certificate

and manuals from our suppliers and subcontractors.




As a company, we are committed to uphold all statutory health and safety regulations. Such measures shall be taken so as to protect our crews and other users from site related hazards.



First, we shall endeavor to ensure that our equipment and tools are well maintained so as no to course injuries to our workers. This shall be done by adhering to manufactures instruction with respect to regular maintenance and services.

Secondly, appropriate protective gears shall be provided to our operative and proper use of that attire insisted upon.

In addition to the above a qualified health and safety officer shall be diploid to oversee the implementation of all safety rules and regulations.



We appreciate the high risk involved in construction workers and the need to take precautionary measure to ensure safety of not only for our staff but also for other facility’s users.

To this end, appropriate signs shall be erected/placed at visible positions to warn/inform the site users of ongoing works. Safety tape shall be used to barricade sections of the works where due to ongoing works may be rendered dangerous to users.